EVOQUE NYC3 Datacenter Information - TEB6

Evoque, Digital Infrastructure EvolvedT, based in Dallas, offers local and global businesses an unparalleled range of services and solutions across highly-connected markets. Evoque provides companies with a unified offering of colocation, connectivity, and cloud engineering. Evaque's market-first Multi-Generational Infrastructure (MGI") strategy enables its clients worldwide to develop and utilize both reliable colocation and hybrid cloud offerings for all businesses taking an application-first approach.

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EVOQUE NYC3 Specifications

  • 2N UPS redundancy
  • Utility Feeders: 2
  • Ten 2.0 MW Diesel Generators
  • VAC Distribution: N+1
  • Five 600 Ton units
  • VESDA smoke detection
  • Data Center Areas: Pre-action dry pipe
  • 24x7 onsite staffing
  • 24x7 closed circuit monitoring, with Al Standby Power Config: N+1 presence detection and 90-day storage
  • Minimum of three levels of physical 750kW Solar Generation security, including mantrap
  • Access control with card, bio-scanner or Chillers: N+1 Mobile device NFC authentication
  • Cross Connects Single-Mode fiber, Multi-Mode fiber (62.5 and 50 micron), CAT5, CAT6, CAT5 (T1), and CAT3 (POTS)
  • Equinix Metro Connect Extends choice and reach for carrier and network availability across metro areas
  • Equinix Internet Exchange Central switch for public and private peering

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