Los Angeles Datacenter Information - LAX1

Los Angeles is home to many of our Internet content and entertainment customers. We provide services to motion pictures, television, video games, and recorded music firms. With Web video usage growing exponentially, the Equinix IBX centers in the Los Angeles area have been key to the network strategies of Internet content and entertainment companies looking to reach their end-users quickly.

Los Angeles Datacenter Information - LAX1

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LA3 Technical Specifications

  • Electrical Capacity – 2.4 kVA per cabinet
  • UPS Configuration – N+1 Block
  • Redundant System
  • # of Utility Feeders – 2
  • # of Power Transformers – 10
  • Utility Voltage – 16,340 volts, 3-phase
  • Standby Power – Eleven 2,000 kW diesel engine-generator power
  • Standby Power Config. – N+1
  • Cooling Capacity – 2.5 kW per cabinet (8,533 BTUH)
  • Cooling Plant – Air and water cooled chillers & CRAC units
  • Physical "Man trap" entry
  • Human 24x7 security guards
  • Electronic CCTV and Recorders, Motion Detection, Hand Geometry Readers, Fiber Vault
  • System Overhead proprietary cable tray system with multi-tier ladder rack
  • Cross Connects Single-Mode fiber, Multi-Mode fiber (62.5 and 50 micron), CAT5, CAT6, CAT5 (T1), and CAT3 (POTS)
  • Equinix Metro Connect Extends choice and reach for carrier and network availability across metro areas
  • Equinix Internet Exchange Central switch for public and private peering

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