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DIY is an open-source lightweight web application framework based on object-oriented PHP 5, MySQL, and XSLT. It is fully object-oriented and designed following the MVC architecture and REST design principles. The idea behind it is not to reinvent the wheel but instead to combine existing and proven technologies in a convenient and effective way.



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DIY is a lightweight framework for making web applications. It is open source and based on PHP5, XSLT, and MySQL, which are among the most common web languages and database options out there. The framework is entirely object-oriented for easier use, and follows the standard REST design principles and MVC architecture concepts. It was made to help combine a number of different benefits from competing frameworks into one system.

While this framework had a decent number of fans for a time, it is no longer updated or supported. The last update for this system was back in 2015, and there is no indication that anything further will be coming out for it. It will still work for now, but as more and more development is made for php, MySQL, and the web in general, DIY will only get further out of date.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great framework, this is not the best place to start. The only people who should even consider using DIY at this point are those who have already used it in the past and need it to update or adjust the apps the apps that were developed with it. Anyone looking to start a new project will want to go with another option.

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