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Kirby is a file-based CMS with a beautiful web interface and thousands of customers world-wide. Its flexible data structure and powerful template engine makes it easy to develop fast and high-standard websites in no time. From portfolios, to blogs, to full-blown company sites, Kirby has all you need. Being file-based comes with extra perks, such as version controllable content, super-easy deployments and blazing-fast performance.



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Kirby is a content management system that is powered by PHP. Unlike most other CMSs today, this one focuses mostly on simplicity. Rather than having a complex back end where you do all your content creation and editing, Kirby uses a much simpler file folder structure. You make a .txt file for each post you want to publish and you put it up in the right folder based on where you want it. You will use folders and sub-folders, just like most people are used to with Windows operating systems.

While this is very different than most other content management systems, it will also have a much smaller learning curve for most new users. The platform allows you to quickly create very attractive websites without ever having to really get in and do any actual coding. This type of CMS is known as a ‘flat file’ system because it doesn’t use databases to store all the content.

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Of the CMSs I have seen that don’t use databases, this is one of the best. It is very well made and easy to use. If you are familiar with the normal Windows Explorer window and how files are sorted, you will quickly pick up on how this system works. It is fast, easy to learn, flexible and can really make creating websites much simpler than most other options. Give it a try and see if it is a good option for you.

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We keep up to 30 daily backup copies of your Kirby site.


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Interserver is proud to guarantee that our uptime will never drop below 99.9%


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