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OpenBiz Cubi Platform is a fast application development platform designed for business applications.


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Openbiz Cubi Platform is a fast application development platform designed for business applications. It is built on top of the excellent Openbiz framework. It provides easy and intelligent development tools and implements almost all commonly used components, developers just need to work on their core business logic development. Openbiz Cubi makes application development so quick.



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OpenBiz Cubi is the original name for a platform designed to help developers build business applications quickly and easily. The developers have since dropped the ‘Cubi’ portion of the name, so it is just OpenBiz now. The system is essentially a PHP application framework used by business developers to streamline their process of making apps.

One of the nice things about this system is that it is focused on business application development, rather than being a more general framework. It follows programming practices to ensure the end result is a good, reliable app that will work on almost any platform. This framework also makes it easy for businesses to create common tasks that can be used across multiple different apps, which can dramatically reduce the amount of actual programming that needs to be done. While it is really a pretty focused system that only certain people will benefit from, it meets a need in a way few other systems do.

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When it comes to business app focused frameworks, this is a great one to consider. It is often used by companies that need a good app, but want it to be entirely customized for their specific needs, and it really does a good job at meeting that requirement. Given the fact that it is free to use, and fairly easy to setup, it really makes sense for anyone who needs a system like this to give it a try to see if it meets their needs.

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