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PHPDevShell as the name suggests provides a shell for your code to run in. PHPDevShell would typically be used to develop general web based applications or administration interfaces.

PHPDevShell is essentially a ready made GUI application where you can immediately start with the development work that matters most, your application.

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PHPDevShell is a shell in which your PHP projects can run. When running in the shells it can create custom menus and other features that make use of an app much easier and more user friendly. A simple way to describe this system is something that allows a developer to create the back end application, without having to worry about the user interface nearly as much. By having the shell take care of that, developers can handle more important or difficult parts of a project.

It has been around for quite a long time, though it hasn’t received any significant updates in quite a long time. It still works well for what it is, and can help make development a lot faster. Some programers will use this solution as a testing option so they can see if their app is working properly before having to worry about coding the actual front end interface. Whatever it is used for, this is a simple tool that many developers can benefit from.

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