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Plandora project was born to be a tool to help the software development process, from the customer requirement until the task conclusion, and consequently gather the "history" of project. The Plandora system can be useful for teams that have problems with resource bottle-necks, parallel projects, critical dead lines, necessity for scope documentation of tasks and requirements, etc.

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Plandora is a group coordination tool that helps software developers to work on projects together. Unlike many other project management platforms, this one is really set up to take things from the very first concept of a program all the way through its completion. It can help to compile ideas and concepts, which can then be used in the actual implementation of the program. This system can even break up a single project into multiple ‘sub-projects’ that can help to get everything one more quickly.

Plandora has been around since December of 2003 in its most basic form, and has continued to be worked on all the way through today. While it doesn’t get frequent updates, it is kept working with security patches and other necessary updates. This helps to ensure users are kept up to date with good features and other things that are important whenever working on any type of development project.

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