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razorCMS began as a databaseless flat file content management system, forked from a project called uCMS. It's structure allowed you to have just the amount of functionality you needed in a flat file CMS solution, adding extensions (blade packs) for further functionality, whilst allowing setup on simple servers with no database. razorCMS gave you base functionality required to run a website, add the extra functionality as you needed it via the blade pack management system. Everything from WYSIWYG editors to SEF URL was added as extra functionality.



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Razor CMS is an easy to use and very responsive content management system. It is open source like most others out there, but this one is built on rather than PHP. ASP is not necessarily better or worse than PHP, just different. If you prefer that language, then this is a great option for you since it is one of only a few content management systems that use it.

The developers of this platform are quite active and make sure that they release updates with feature updates, security patches and more to keep their system great for their users. A lot of what this system specializes in is focused on other developers though, which make put some limitations on what the ‘average’ user can do with it. For those who like to ‘tinker’ on the back end, however, it is an excellent option.

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This is a really nice content management system with a lot of things to love. For me, however, it will largely come down to whether or not you like For developers who know this language, it is an excellent system. For those who don’t, it really makes more sense to choose a PHP based platform. If you’re not a developer at all and don’t know any coding, there are likely better content management systems to choose from.

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