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RockMongo, a MongoDB administration tool, written in PHP5, is Best in PHP world, more like PHPMyAdmin.


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RockMongo is a MongoDB administration tool, written in PHP5, is Best in PHP world, more like PHPMyAdmin.



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RockMongo is an open source database administration tool that is designed specifically to work on MongoDB databases. It has an easy to use GUI, and essentially functions like phpMyAdmin does for MySQL, but for MongoDB. It is made to help make database administration easier than is otherwise possible.

This system really seemed to have a lot of potential, but like many open source projects, has lost its support over the years. The last real update to this system was back in June of 2014. There hasn’t been an official announcement that there will be no more updates, but it certainly seems like that is the case at this point at least.

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If you are using MongoDB and can’t find another admin tool that will work for it, RockMongo may still be a smart choice. MongoDB, however, is a very specialized database type that most people won’t have a need for, and if you do, other admin tools are likely a good choice. Having this one available for specific cases makes sense, but it should not be seen as a long term option for managing any database today.

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