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Silex is a free and open source software that allows to create Flash and Html websites directly in the browser without writing code.


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Silex is a free and open source software that allows to create Flash and Html websites directly in the browser without writing code. Defined as a CMS (Content Management System) it is used to assemble multimedia content and publish it. Key features are an WYSIWYG environment to edit a publication and a manager application to manage permissions and multiple publications settings.



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Silex is a content management system that is unlike most of the other options available today. Rather than needing to install the platform on your web hosting server and work from there, you can do all your work through a web interface on the Silex website. The files you use are actually stored on your PC and then transferred through DropBox or an FTP connection when needed. This gives you an easy to use interface that most people will be quite comfortable with.

If/when you want to put the website up on your own domain, you just click a few buttons and you’ll have an HTML file that you can put on your hosting server. It is all quite easy to use and makes creating a website simpler for most people. Many would compare this service to Wix or Jeky, both of which are generally marketed toward people who don’t have the technical expertise to run a website, or don’t want to invest the time into learning it.

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This is a wonderfully simple website maker and content management system. If you want to have the option to make a great website that is functional and flexible, but not too complicated, this is an excellent option. One of the best things about this platform is that you can begin making your site immediately to see what you think. If you don’t like it, you’ve only wasted a couple minutes rather than wasting a lot of time trying to get the system set up before even making a site. If you are making a large site or something like that, however, you will want to go with another option.

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We keep up to 30 daily backup copies of your Silex site.


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Interserver is proud to guarantee that our uptime will never drop below 99.9%


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