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SiteDove Free is a powerful tool for beefing up the security of your website at NO COST. $5/month


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SiteDove Free is a powerful tool for beefing up the security of your website at NO COST. It includes a unique Burglar Alarm that shows you when changes are made to files on your site. If you're not sure who made those changes, you will want to investigate to see if your site has been hacked. In this way, SiteDove Free acts as an early warning system that can detect malicious attacks long before search engines and your readers encounter them.

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SiteDove is a ‘website health’ software that you use to scan your existing websites to identify different problems so that they can be fixed. It helps you to diagnose issues, prevent problems, and even perform some types of repairs automatically. This can help to minimize the risk of hackers accessing your site, and help you to respond properly should such an attack take place. In addition to protection from active threats, it also monitors for things like broken links, 404 errors, and more that are usually just caused by accidental moving or deleting of files.

The platform can help protect your site from many of the most common problems that webmasters face, which is why it is among the most popular systems of this type today. You can use the free version of this software for your site, or for added protections, there are several premium options that you can sign up for as well. Whether you’re currently having problems with your site, or you want to avoid them, SiteDove is a great option to consider.

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