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Sitemagic CMS is a lightweight yet very capable Content Management System. $5/month


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Sitemagic CMS is the world's most beautiful Content Management System. With Sitemagic CMS you can create some of the most stunning and captivating websites on the planet. The built-in Designer lets you create truly professional designs in literally minutes with simple point and click. The Editor lets you easily modify and lay out your content. The new cards inspired design concept everybody is talking about is built right into the new Editor, making your website the most hip on the web. And while Sitemagic CMS is packed with great new features, it is still the most user friendly CMS on the market. It ships with tips and tricks built right in, making sure you get the most out of your new Content Management System.

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SiteMagic markets itself as, ‘The CMS for creative people’ which makes sense given the way their platform works. It is a PHP based open source content management system that has been used to make some very nice sites. It is simple in that it doesn’t make things harder than they need to be, but it also provides all the power and functionality that most people will want when creating a website.

They provide a lot of very nice features, a full list of which is available on their website, and they do an excellent job at keeping the platform up to date with security patches and feature options that people want. The system uses what they call a ‘card based’ layout, which allows you to move different parts of the site around as needed to get your site looking and functioning properly.

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