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WebMail Lite is Fast and easy-to-use webmail front-end for your existing IMAP mail server.


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WebMail Lite Open-source webmail script for your existing IMAP server. WebMail Lite can be used to access mail on virtually any IMAP enabled mail server. The integrated web administration panel allows you to manage the system settings without manual editing config files.



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shared, vps and dedicated hosting powered by WebMail Lite

WebMail Lite is a free and easy to use email front-end that you can add to your website. This will make it possible to send and receive emails from your email address much more easily than is typically possible. Many businesses like using this system so they can keep their personal and business emails entirely separate. Of course, it can also be used for personal websites and anything else you’d like. Many people buy a domain name that is the same thing as their real name so they can use that for communications, and then use this email system so they can send emails from [email protected] types of addresses.

Overall it is quite easy to use, well maintained, and it has plenty of great features. It is free to use, has many built in language options, and also allows plugins to help integrate it into existing platforms. From beginning to end, this is a very nice email front end option for just about anyone who needs this type of system. For larger companies that need additional features, there is a premium version that includes mobile versions, tech support, personal calendars, and more.

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For those who are looking for a good front end for their email, but don’t need a whole bunch of extra features, this is a great option to consider. It has been around for quite a while and is well-maintained by the developers. It is also easy to use, and is very reliable. If you’re still on the fence, just install it and give it a try. It is free and won’t take long, so you can test it out for a few days to see if it is a good fit.

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We keep up to 30 daily backup copies of your WebMail Lite site.


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Interserver is proud to guarantee that our uptime will never drop below 99.9%


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