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YiiFramework helps Web developers build complex applications and deliver them on-time


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YiiFramework helps Web developers build complex applications and deliver them on-time. Yii comes with rich features: MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, authentication and role-based access control, scaffolding, testing, etc. It can reduce your development time significantly.



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Yii is a PHP framework that was made to help developers create and manage web 2.0 apps for a wide range of different things. It is packed with lots of different features including MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, caching, role-based access control, testing, and much more. It is a fast framework that operates by only loading up the features that are being used, which helps to keep the system requirements of any apps developed with it to a minimum.

Yii also takes security seriously, with input validation and SQL injection prevention features built right in. This is one of the many things that many developers love about this framework since it allows them to focus on developing the features of their apps rather than just the security. The framework itself receives regular updates to keep up with industry standards, and it is an open source system that is free to use.

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If you are looking for a framework that follows established standards, and is designed specifically for web 2.0 web apps, this is a great option to consider. It has been around for quite a long time now, and continues to receive very regular updates so that it keeps up with all the latest web developments. No matter what type of web 2.0 apps you’re thinking about developing, Yii Framework will help make it easier, faster, and more secure.

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