The staff at InterServer has been closely monitoring the changes with COVID-19 as well as following state and federal recommendations and guidelines. The situation has been changing almost daily, and with that InterServer and staff has also been implementing changes at our datacenter and offices. Some changes being implemented include: * Remote staff work, when possible. Please be aware that many of InterServer's staff have worked locally at our Secaucus Datacenter and are now transitioning to telecommuting. This includes staff who handle phones as well as reboots and hardware builds. Read More

InterServer & Radix Partnership

Posted by Manoj Kumar

We are excited to announce that InterSever has partnered with Radix domain registry in a joint effort to offer premium domains at great prices. Selecting the perfect TLD is a key point to driving your online business.  Over the years TLD offerings have expanded beyond the popular .com which is the standard ending to many iconic websites. In recent years registrars have worked to build a wide range of industry specific TLD’s hence giving newer businesses the opportunity to customize their Read More

9 Common WordPress Myths Debunked

Posted by Manoj Kumar

9 Common WordPress Myths Debunked Used by over one-third of all websites, WordPress is the most popular content management (CMS) on the internet. It's used to create dynamic websites that automatically fetch content from a corresponding database. However, because of its unparalleled popularity, as well as its ever-evolving nature, there's a lot of misinformation out there pertaining to WordPress. 9 Common WordPress Myths Debunked 1) It's Only for Blogs Although it was originally intended Read More
When researching affiliate marketing strategies, you may come across link cloaking. Countless affiliate marketers use this strategy to mask the destination of their affiliate links. Cloaking allows affiliate marketers to create and use their own custom links, which redirect users to their affiliate products. Being that it shows users a different destination than the link's actual destination, you might be hesitant to cloak your affiliate links, fearing it will lead to fewer sales or conversions. Cloaking your affiliate links, however, will Read More
9 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Website's Homepage Because it serves as the root directory for navigation, your homepage will likely attract more traffic than any other page on your website. Both new and returning visitors will use it to locate other pages. If your homepage is poorly designed, however, visitors won't stay on your website, resulting in low traffic and equally low search rankings. To design an attractive homepage that yields results for your online business, you must avoid these Read More