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Posted at January 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm by Stacey Talieres

Let’s face it, anti-virus software is just an afterthought when purchasing a web-hosting service. Nobody is excited to spend money on something they do not believe is essential. However, the Internet can be a very dangerous place for those unaware of what lurks behind each corner. When you purchase a standard web-hosting package, you will notice how secure we have made our service by integrating clamav. We believe that a strong anti-virus software is the cornerstone of a robust security policy.

What is clamav?

Linux has a well known reputation for encountering less malware verses a Windows operating system. This is due to the fact that Linux OS downloads programs from a centralized source and cannot originally run any Windows software. With a Linux system you can install a free open source anti-virus software known as clamav. Clamav was originally developed for Unix, but later made available for Linux systems.  It can be used in various scenarios which involve email scanning, web scanning, and endpoint security.

Many people would argue that you get what you pay for, but clamav is highly effective compared to the competition. In the most recent testing results available, it was able to detect about 75% of all viruses ranking them fifth. They were not far behind first place, which was only about 5% above them.

Behind the scenes

You will never have to worry about manually running clamav on your web-hosting account or installing another anti-virus software either. Scans are specifically designed to never slow down the speed of your website. However, we do provide you the option to run your own scans if you prefer. When you login to your cPanel you should see a section labeled “advanced”. Underneath this tab you will notice a button called “Virus Scanner”. Once clicked, you will be given several options on how you want to run your scan. The options range from: scan mail, scan entire home directory, scan public web space, and scan public FTP space. The virus scanner included in cPanel covers all of your needs to protect your website.


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