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Posted at September 5, 2019 at 6:44 pm by Stacey Talieres

Looking for a new way to protect your website against malicious bots and cyber-criminals trying to consume your resources? Cloudflare is a the perfect answer to your dilemma. Cloudflare is a CDN, which stands for content delivery network. CDN give the website the ability to handle large amounts of incoming traffic that sometimes bots will generate (i.e DDOS botnets). Not only do they offer some protection against these kinds of problems, but it also speeds up the delivery of web pages to users visiting the site. Based upon your location, CDNs like Cloudflare have a network of servers that will assist in delivering web content to end users (aka clients). Cloudflare is just another intermediary in the client-server model helping assist in the delivery of web contents. Cloudflare offers its CDN for free because they believe that the Internet should run fast and smoothly. They also tend to build much of their resources in-house and purchase bandwidth in bulk, not by the byte.


How it works


Imagine every time you used the Internet you had to type in the IP address to access your favorite website. This would quickly become a problem and you might not even want to use the Internet all together. Luckily for you, there are servers called DNS that will do the translation for us. When you type into your browser your request will be sent to the DNS server that will translate this name into an IP address. After reading the IP address and other information your browser will establish a connection to the web server that is hosted on. This process all happens instantaneously, which is incredible once you think about it.


Every web site has nameservers that will do the translation for you. Whenever you purchase shared hosting with us you always will have two default nameservers that you will point your domain to that does the work for you (i.e However with our shared hosting you are eligible to use Cloudflare nameservers for free.



1) Login into cPanel.

2) In cPanel type into the search bar CloudFlare and it should appear for you to click on.

3) Create a new account in cloudflare with an email and password

4) Then you will login and see two buttons. Click the one on the right that says “provision domain” If the customer has multiple add-on domains he can cloudflare nameservers to them.

5) Next you should see something similar to this:

Activation Check

Status: pending

Please ensure your website is using the nameservers provided:

Allow up to 24 hours for this change to be processed. There will be no downtime when you switch your name servers. Traffic will gracefully roll from your old name servers to the new name servers without interruption. Your site will remain available throughout the switch

6) In order to get the full features of Cloudflare you will then need to register those nameservers with your domain registrar.

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