DrupalCon 2016

Posted at October 3, 2019 at 8:28 pm by Manoj Kumar


Early in May, InterServer was a proud sponsor of DrupalCon in New Orleans. It was a spectacular event comprised of a long list of amazing guest speakers a majority of whom traveled from afar in support of Drupal. Over 3000 Drupal enthusiasts and fanatics eagerly attended. DrupalCon gives the people who develop and use this system a chance to take part in activities that involve learning sessions, talks, code sprints, and of course social events. Here at InterServer we were delighted to take part in such an event that allowed us to meet individuals who have the same passion for Drupal as we do.


We always look forward to attending these events especially in the Big Easy because it allows us to gain awareness from fans of Drupal. Having a presence at these events is exciting because it enables people to learn more about InterServer and the hosting solutions that we provide. Not only is our main goal to provide the best hosting solution to our customers, but in addition, we strive to offer the most optimized Drupal hosting experience on the market. We would like to take the time to not only thank those that took part in this event, but also the fans who made InterServer’s visit to New Orleans exhilarating. Attending DrupalCon in New Orleans makes us eagerly look forward to the next year’s DrupalCon. Do not be shy to follow our blog as we will continue to offer support and advice for those who use Drupal.


Key highlights:


  1. Our swag was pretty off the chart with most all attendees sporting InterServer tote bags and enjoying our water bottles in an effort to remain hydrated.
  2. We enjoyed meeting tons of Drupal Developers all of whom presented tons of great questions and had great ideas and feedback.
  3. We had the opportunity to meet and develop partnerships with universities and other educational institutions.
  4. My favorite highlight from the Con  is that we were able to launch our special offer of one free year of hosting to anyone who holds an .edu email address. Since its launch at DrupalCon it has become a major hit amongst many! It’s our hope that this program benefits students all across the world looking develop projects that require web based services.


In light of the recent events involving Acquia who will no longer be hosting Drupal Garden customers’, we believe here, at InterServer, attending these events is crucial to the people who use and support Drupal. As we have mentioned in our previous blog entry, InterServer is offering a promotion of 1 penny for the first month of service followed with a per monthly rate of $5 in an effort to help all these customers find a new home. We are offer fully managed and free migrations. All of this will be handled by our team of migration experts carrying no contractual obligations.

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