Free Webhosting for NonProfits Available from InterServer

Posted at October 25, 2016 at 8:25 pm by Stacey Talieres


Nonprofit organizations help to meet the needs of millions of people around the world. From feeding the hungry to offering shelter to the homeless, and countless other helpful good deeds, nonprofits are essential. As a small way of giving back to these selfless organizations, InterServer is offering free web hosting to all qualifying nonprofit organizations.

High Quality Hosting

Unlike many other companies that offer free hosting to people, InterServer is providing industry leading shared hosting that will meet the needs of most organizations. The hosting is housed on the state-of-the art servers, within the world class data centers. These are the same types of hosting accounts that individuals and businesses use every day. Whether you’re just starting up a nonprofit organization, or you’ve been serving the community for years, InterServer’s free hosting offer is here for you.

Hosting is Essential for Nonprofits

In today’s Internet focused world, nonprofits must have a good website in order to reach out to those in need as well as potential donors. A good website starts out on a good hosting server that can house the data and service the traffic. Of course, nonprofit organizations need to keep their expenses down, so they can spend their limited resources serving the causes they are passionate about. With the help of InterServer, nonprofits are able to harness the power of the Internet, without spending a dime on the hosting they need.

What Nonprofits Qualify

InterServer offers this exclusive deal to all 501(c)(3) organizations free hosting. After signing up for hosting, simply submit a 501(c)(3) determination letter to get the free hosting services. This free offer is an ongoing service that InterServer provides to nonprofits.

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  1. Marvin Morris says:

    Hello, we have a non profit. DO you offer free dedicated hosting for our website? I wanted to use your services for our non profit.

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