How to effectively promote Web Hosting using Affiliate Channels

Posted at September 16, 2021 at 7:04 am by Manoj Kumar

Affiliate channel or affiliate marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools to grow your business. An affiliate channel is a pretty effective way of marketing in countries throughout the world. It gives any business the opportunity to reach targeted customers who are very likely to be interested in the product or service that is being promoted. Affiliate marketing is also cost-effective, so it’s the first choice for many businesses. While this type of marketing is effective for just about every industry, tech or online businesses tend to take advantage of it the most. This is because these types of companies use affiliate channels or marketing because selling digital products online is faster and easier than any other method.

Of all the tech products and services that are offered today, web hosting is one of the most popular. The number of web hosting businesses and customers are always increasing. Most of these web hosting companies are using affiliate marketing to promote their services. This includes many of the largest hosting companies, including Interserver, Bluehost, Hostgator, and others. Interserver is the oldest and most successful web hosting company and has the best affiliate program. That means Interserver has the most effective way of promoting their services with the help of affiliate channels. So, let’s find out how Interserver made their promotion so effective by using affiliate Channels.

Write Hosting Reviews

Most of the affiliate marketing is done by the blogger or vlogger affiliates. The main job of these affiliates is to write reviews about the hosting company they are working for. So, Interserver offers great commission rates and bonuses for the affiliate and they always ensure great relations with the affiliates or partners. This way they get the best outcome too.

Hosting Discount Coupons

In different cases, there is some custom discount also posted by Partners even some times the affiliate partners also get costume incentives according to their performance.

Custom Discount

In some cases, there can be custom discounts that are also posted by partners. The affiliate partners also get custom incentives according to their performance.

Hosting Banner

In the affiliate’s blog, vlog, or website they tend to post a hosting banner. This is a kind of digital banner so that people can know about the company.

Hosting Comparisons

It is a kind of comparison blog or vlog about different types of web hosting companies and it is done by the affiliates. This has been shown to be one of the most effective options as people can choose between companies that are being compared.

So, Interserver uses the affiliate channel quite smartly and the methods we discussed earlier are also followed effectively. Interserver gives proper respect and offers a great opportunity to the affiliates and works as partners too. All these ensure a great relation and understanding between Interserver and the partners so they work as a team. This helps to ensure the most effective result to their promotion efforts. This is the perfect example for any web hosting company to have an effective marketing strategy using affiliate channels.

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