How to get 200% more Sales?

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The “secret” to more conversions is as simple as understanding what the buyer wants. It’s no more a B2B or a B2C strategy to get more leads. It’s about H2H or Human 2 Human interaction that converts more leads. Understanding buyer requirement, the stage where he/she is in and the budget are something’s that are of paramount importance. It’s pretty much easy after that, as, the information you gather acts like a blue print to future success.


Here’s a step-by-step analysis of the above model

Customer Segmentation

Customers segment themselves and take no notice of how companies segment their markets. When choosing between competing products and services, customers select the proposition that meets their needs better than any other. To win market share, therefore, a company must ensure that their offers meet these needs better than any other at a price they perceive as providing superior value for money (which does not necessarily mean it has to be the cheapest).

Customer wants to see the “value” in what they are paying for. Example – a company offers unlimited features and charge lower rates when compared to your company or any other competitor. The obvious thing to do is lower your rates and provide the same features, right? NO, it gives you an opportunity to experiment using different components together and provide more value added features that are unique to your business model. Price decrease is NOT the only alternative.

 Reaching Your Customer

 The “Reaching Your Customer” part is a multi-platform approach where you need to understand where your future customer is coming from. Shorter the time taken to figure this out, the better and sooner the results.


Conversion Optimization

Website revamp is just one part of conversion optimization. The key to succeeding with conversion optimization is found in understanding visitor engagement. If you don’t know the details (who, how, why) of how people engage with your site today, how can you devise tests that are effective?

Each conversion optimization strategy goes through the following steps:

Analysis- Research- Hypothesis-Design & testing- Implementation

The Engagement

The key to understanding the success of any marketing & web presence strategy is by finding out the engagement achieved by them. The “getting the love back” phase is most important in analyzing the results achieved and comparing it to the earlier results. It’s also a good idea to perform A/B testing for some of the most important marketing campaigns you plan to run. Some of the metrics we follow to understand viewer engagement are-

  • Visitor Loyalty: direct or bookmarked site visits (as opposed to visits from search engines or ads).
  • Subscriptions Initiated: email, print, and mobile signups through website.
  • Content Shares: pages, blogs, videos shared to social networks or emailed.
  • Visitor Promotion: downloaded whitepapers, e-books, etc.
  • Page Views of Mission-Centric Content: one page checkout pages, pricing section, contact us section.
  • Opts-in: Conversion hikes due to particular types of CTA’s, offers, customer stories, etc.

The Nurturing


  • The steps mentioned below describes the lead nurturing part in a step by step manner-
  • Understand leads better – their intent, where they are in the purchase cycle.
  • Classify the leads based on sales readiness.
  • Pass on hot leads to sales.
  • Nurture leads with relevant information.
  • Run personalized lead nurturing campaigns using email marketing solution.

The best way to understand this step by step approach to achieving higher sales is by implementing it or a Beta test for that matter. If you haven’t tried this strategy then you are bound to get far better results. If you have and the results haven’t been as per your expectation then, scale the process to a new level and you will get guaranteed results.

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