InterServer Announces PAIX Peering

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SECAUCUS, NJ (3/10/2006) – InterServer, Inc., a New Jersey based web solutions provider, announced today it has added PAIX peering to its network, a move designed to allow the company to provide a greater network capacity to its customers, and keep bandwidth costs low.

PAIX, Peering And Internet eXchange, is one of the largest single neutral commercial Internet exchange points in the world, and is operated by the Switch and Data Management Company. The connection will allow InterServer to directly to connect to networks of the over 30 other PAIX participants.

“During our six years in operation, we have never experienced the tremendous growth in network activity that we have in the past year”, said InterServer Chief Technical Officer John Quaglieri. “We decided opt for peering, which us offers lower latency, improved network performance, and reduced bandwidth cost”.

The company plans to continue to add more transit providers in the near future. In December, the company added an additional provider, and added a solution designed to thwart Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS).

“Our location in northern New Jersey gives us access to some of the largest carrier-neutral facilities on the east coast”, said Quaglieri. “So we will continue to improve our network to meet the growing demands of our customers”.

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About InterServer, Inc. InterServer, Inc. is a privately held web solutions provider operating since April 1999. Located in Secaucus, NJ, the company’s data center is less than 12 miles from New York City and Newark, New Jersey, and contains more than 800 servers. InterServer’s network is powered by Juniper M40 and M5 series routers connected to the Internet by three diverse fiber paths to New York City and Washington DC.

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