Interserver partners with blog vault to feature migrate guru

Posted at November 17, 2017 at 8:17 pm by Stacey Talieres

  •  What is BlogVault and Migrate Guru?

BlogVault is a backup & security service that allows for daily and real-time automatic backups. It also provides malware scanning and one-click malware removal. BlogVault continues to deliver for customers with their extended features which offer Dedicated staging, Auto Restore, Test Restore and Migration; four very critical features that perform efficiently and heroically. To seal the deal, BlogVault designed Migrate Guru, a host-agnostic WordPress migration plugin! Here’s how it works.

  • Why InterServer showcases Migrate Guru?

InterServer recognizes BlogVaults’ extremely valuable usage in the WebHosting industry. By sharing common goals, to deliver a quality environment for customers, InterServer found this as a perfect opportunity. While a majority of Shared Web-Hosting Package customers download or actively use WordPress, Migrate Guru offers a great addition to their experience.

How It Works and Benefits of Using Migrate Guru:

  • Migrate Guru works under a simple and quick three step operation:
    1) A user must select a migration destination. An example would be, a Web Host you are moving your site too.
    2) Enter the requested details and fill out the form.
    3) Click ‘Migrate”. With a single click, your migration begins. It’s that simple!
  • Benefits of Using Migrate Guru:
    1) Migrations done 80% faster
    2) Any Size, Any Site – Migrate sites upto 200 GB in size with ease
    3) Guaranteed zero downtime, zero troubleshooting
    4) Migration to Any Host
    5) Completely Free

When to Use Migrate Guru?
The number one case scenario when to use Migrate Guru is when migrating to a new host! You may have an entire file system that you would like to transfer over but might not want to go through the technicalities of using FTP. Transferring files, especially in mass amounts, can easily become super stressful. That’s when Migrate Guru comes in. The process becomes easy and it’s completely free. InterServer proudly features this as part of our additional apps on our Standard Web Hosting Package.


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