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Posted at September 30, 2015 at 5:37 pm by Michael Lavrik

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InterServer, the premier web hosting provider announced a ‘Price Lock Guarantee’ program to further simply its product offering and distinguish itself from the competition.  Price lock guarantee is one of the major initiatives by InterServer as a part of overall value packaging designed to guard InterServer’s customers’  against cost-overruns and operational risks usually borne by them when it comes to hosting industry. The price a consumer signs up for with InterServer is their guaranteed lifetime locked in price, with no special conditions, exclusions and fine print whatsoever.

“With a slogan of “while times may change, our commitment to our customers never waivers!” at InterServer, we constantly refine, expand, upgrade and improve our services to ensure the very best experiences for our customers. The price lock guarantee is a step in the direction of rewarding our valuable customers”, quoted, Mike Lavrik, Director of Business Development, InterServer.

With over 16 years of experience in the hosting industry, InterServer is all about upping the game when it comes to web hosting and to take advantage of the guaranteed price lock, all a visitor need to do is visit ‘’ and choose any web hosting or VPS configuration as per the requirement and voila, the signed up price is the lifetime offered price.

For more information on InterServer’s price lock guarantee, visit

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  1. Eduardo says:

    Thank you, as proud customer I am for all the tough work peovrn when this happened.After working with different providers during my years working, I think Interserver did a great job, and kept us, customers informed about the situation.I will always recommend Interserver, not only for great support, but for amazing services.

  2. Ashley Wilson says:

    Thank you. This is a major reason why I chose you!

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  5. George Davidson says:

    this site is already owned by me.

  6. nun pacno says:

    I searched for 3 years for a good hosting company, i used many companies and all of them tried to upsell me all the time and kept increasing the price every year and any time i had an issue they just kept telling to upgrade account… is the only one out here that is true to their word…three reasons why i love this company #1 fast server #2 super cheap #3 uptime is good. and oh ya most important “no sneaky charges”

  7. Idioms says:

    Since I switched to Interserver hosting I didn’t come across a single problem. Good Service!

    Freya, UK

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