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Posted at November 21, 2013 at 11:08 am by Michael Lavrik

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We know you deserve the best, so we provide you with the best Control Panel to make your life simpler. Here are some unique features of Interserver’s Control Panel.

1) Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS is IP address to domain name mapping – the opposite of forward (normal) DNS which maps domain names to IP addresses.
Why do you need it?
Many e-mail servers on the Internet are configured to reject incoming e-mails from any IP address which does not have reverse DNS. So, if you run your own e-mail server, reverse DNS must exist for the IP address that outgoing e-mail is sent from. It does not matter what the reverse DNS record for your IP address points to as long as it is there. If you host multiple domains on one e-mail server, just setup reverse DNS to point to whichever domain name you consider primary. Our control panel allows customers to create a reverse pointer for their IP addresses.




2) Free DNS Hosting

Interserver offers you complete control over your DNS settings. All you have to do is go to your domain registrar panel and change the DNS servers to cdns1/cdns2/
To create a record log into and go to domains->dns manager. From there enter the Domain name first, then IP address and click “Add New DNS Entry”. This will create a cpanel/directadmin compatible dns record. You can manage your dns record after creation like TTL value, MX records, CNAME to name a few resource records.

DNS Manager-1

DNS Manager-2



3) Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is a process of automatically scanning servers for failures and irregularities. Server monitoring allows customer to identify issues and fix problems before they affect the services. Server monitoring is essential to ensure service availability. Interserver provides round the clock server monitoring free of charge.




4) Domain Registration

Once you become our customer you’ll have instant access to your Online Control Panel and a unique way to manage your domain names or buy a new domain of your choice. You can view the status of each of your domains with an icon key. For example, your domain name might be an email only service, or a domain name might be forwarded to another website and/or email address. Our point-and-click control panel is very powerful, but incredibly simple to use. If you can navigate a Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac desktop, then you’ll have no trouble finding your way around our system!


Domain Registration-2

Domain Registration-3


5) Web hosting and VPS management

Interserver’s Web Hosting Control Panel is designed to enhance your ability to manage your website quickly and efficiently—at your convenience. The Control Panel allows web administrators to perform many of the most common website management activities without having to call Interserver’s Support. Having these management functions available through the Control Panel will save valuable time and provide you with greater control of your website. Your VPS management tools are integrated tightly into Interserver’s control panel! From your control panel, you can log into your VPS, install Applications, add new domain names to your service, manage DNS and much more!


VPS Management-1


VPS Management-2



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