9 New Features in Drupal 8 Core

Posted by Manoj Kumar


Drupal is a powerful and flexible framework that allows users to create dynamic, scalable and secure websites. Drupal has a specific programming environment that tends to be a programmer’s platform rather than just a CMS.  Major corporations and several government agencies use Drupal which include: WhiteHouse.gov, The United Nations, The Discovery Channel, Forbes, MTV Europe, The Economist and The New York Observer. With the release of Drupal 8, users have enjoyed a more powerful and user-friendly environment. Listed below are some of the exciting new features that accompany Drupal 8.

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DrupalCon 2016

Posted by Stacey Talieres


Early in May, InterServer was a proud sponsor of DrupalCon in New Orleans. It was a spectacular event comprised of a long list of amazing guest speakers a majority of whom traveled from afar in support of Drupal. Over 3000 Drupal enthusiasts and fanatics eagerly attended. DrupalCon gives the people who develop and use this system a chance to take part in activities that involve learning sessions, talks, code sprints, and of course social events. Here at InterServer we were delighted to take part in such an event that allowed us to meet individuals who have the same passion for Drupal as we do. Read More


As of 8/1/2016 Acquia will no longer be offering hosting for Drupal Gardens customers. With that in mind InterServer is offering a promotion of 1 penny for the first month of service followed with a per monthly rate of $5 in an effort to help all these customers find a new home. We are offer fully managed and free migrations which are then handled by our team of migration experts. Our service comes with 24/7 on site support and with no contractual obligation.

When you export or migrate over to InterServer it will not disrupt your website’s layout or functionality in anyway. Read More

Press Release on Bread Basket 6/7/2016

Posted by Stacey Talieres


Secaucus, New Jersey, 6/7/2016:  InterServer, a leading provider of web hosting solutions, recently announced that it will provide Bread Basket to its VPS clients. With Bread Basket, InterServer aims to accelerate the installation processes while enabling a higher level of operational efficiency for its clients. This includes an assortment of software while keeping simplicity at its core. With this enhanced solution, the users are equipped with total control over their resources which includes 24/7 technical support.

Customers who select Bread Basket can then order a VPS with a Webuzo panel pre-installed. Read More


Secaucus, New Jersey, 5/20/2016: InterServer, a leading provider of web hosting solutions designed to complement its customers’ existing businesses, announced today the extension of its platform’s virtualization offerings to include support for Microsoft Hyper-V with deep integration and support for Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

Hyper-V Virtualization

With Hyper-V virtualization, the infrastructure can easily support configuration of high-performance virtual machines for sustaining workloads that require significant scaling. The most important feature of Hyper-V is that it can support over 16 million virtualized networks. It can provide virtualized networks across public, private and hybrid cloud resources. Read More


Domain names are like the real estate of the Internet world. It is how your business is known over the Internet. But, choosing a domain name is not an easy task. Sometimes even after putting in a lot of thoughts, you might end up with a not-so-desirable domain name.

Assuming that you have finally managed to secure the domain of your dreams and want to change your web address, you must know that there are a lot of things to consider before you can move to your new web address, especially if you don’t want to damage your search rankings. Read More


Drupal is a PHP based open-source platform and web content management system for building dynamic websites. Featuring a powerful blend of features and configurability, Drupal is an ideal platform for all kinds of websites from personal weblogs to large community-driven sites.

Powering over 1,000,000 websites and a community boasting of 39000 active members, Drupal is a great choice as a CMS, to say the least. If you are enamoured with Drupal, check out the post below to understand how you can install Drupal on your account.

Get started with Drupal site

With a little bit of computer knowledge, you can easily install Drupal yourself. Read More


Technology attracts passion like no other! Just visit any website discussing two technologies and glance at the comments section and you’ll see tech aficionados bashing one another over decisions to use one technology over another. Like most fans across the world techy’ s are amongst the most passionate and loyal to what they believe to be the best.

 How could CMS be left behind? Just like any tech rivalry, WordPress and Drupal have been competing to be the best content management system (CMS) dating back to the time they first launched. Read More


It’s very hard to drive quality traffic to a newly made blog. When you start a new blog, you don’t have e-mails that generate traffic nor do you have articles ranking on google for targeted keywords which typically aid in traffic.

It becomes very hard to drive traffic in such cases. When I started my first blog, I was like “How can I drive traffic to my blog? If I don’t have an audience”.

After working on 3 different blogs with a combined total of 1.5 years of experience. I finally nailed down the right method to developing a blog. Read More