Competition analysis is one of the most important parts of blogging. Before starting any niche blog or before writing any article, Keyword research and competition analysis are important.

They are important because after doing proper keyword research and competition analysis, you will get keywords that can make money for you. You can use the given tools below for keyword research and competition analysis.

  1. Long Tail Pro (Paid)
  2. SEMrush (Paid)
  3. WordSteam Keyword research tool (Free with limitations)

As you can see, most of these tools are paid. Due to the high costs, many bloggers cannot afford them. Read More


Drupal is a popular content management platform for big Enterprises, Governments, and Higher Educational Institutes, as it is extremely dynamic in nature. Any website built with a Drupal theme can be used for a wide variety of applications because of the robustness and flexibility of its API development.

A Drupal website has quick loading ability and core catching features, which makes it one of the most efficient tools. The Drupal platform is defined as more developer friendly than user and you will find it easy if you have experience as a developer. Read More

Affiliate Program Updates

Posted by Michael Lavrik


WordPress… It’s interesting because you really don’t have to mess with the code if you don’t want to. Additionally, you can create aperfect site which has been fully customized to meet your needs!


It important to note that millions of sites are powered by WordPress and it is one of the most utilized content management systems that you can get for free! Now, let’s move on to some specifics, WordPress has thousands of free plugins and themes and out of them, there are some plugins and themes that will slow down your site. Read More

Best Business Benefits of Drupal 8

Posted by Stacey Talieres


Good things take time and this especially holds true in the case of Drupal 8! With Drupal being around for over 15 years and Drupal 8 in development since 2011, it has been almost 5 years in the making.

Why did it take so long? The primary reason being that it has completely been redeveloped. Drupal has always been powerful but it was often deemed less user-friendly, until the release of Drupal 8 which has completely changed that. UsingSymfonyas PHP framework, the system has become less complex and has loads of features which makes it more flexible, scalable, responsive, and user friendly. Read More

blog-feature-imagesHow much does website speed matter?

Well, to Amazon, it matters to the tune of $1.6 billion.

That’s how much they’d lose if their website slowed down by just one second. Make no mistake, the speed of your website has a direct impact on your business.

Scary isn’t it?

Website speed is major obsession of mine. I believe that load speed is the foundation of any good website, therefore making it the foundation of any good business.

If your site is slow, it’s holding you back.

1. Sales and conversions

Let’s start with the headline figures. Read More

Why-WordPress-Is-the-Best-Choice-for-Non-Technical-Business-OwnersCascade Style Sheets… server side scripting… security audits… code revision, are these tech terms going right above your head? Does it kind of feel as though your playing Pictionary with your tech team and the picture they’re drawing is being interpreted completely different then originally intended, which ultimately continues until one of you calls it quits?  Does the excessive cost of your web developer keep you up at night? After this long up hill battle you finally conclude that the only way to possibly execute your idea is to learn how to code yourself. Read More

Build-a-WordPress-Web-Application-using-WAMPWordPress has changed the game of how websites are built. Originally referred to as just software for blogs, WordPress has earned its reputation as the undisputed star of cyberspace. WordPress is increasingly being recognized as a perfect way to run your website or blog and in some cases a combination of the two. With hundreds and thousands of available themes and plugins, the sky is the limit for you! The best part is that it doesn’t require a ton of technical skills to set it up. Installation or setting up local environment or localhost help you speed up your development process and you can test and try themes and plugins and do a lot more before making it live. Read More