Tiscali added to InterServer Network

Posted at December 5, 2005 at 4:00 pm by admin

SECAUCUS, NEW JEERSEY (12/5/2005) – InterServer, Inc. , a New Jersey based web solutions provider, announced today that it has upgraded its network capacity by adding an additional transit provider, and plans to add additional capacity in the near future.

The new transit provider, Tiscali, was selected because of its large European backbone. The addition increases the number of InterServer’s carriers to 4.

“We have increased the capacity to our POP at 111 8th avenue from 1 to 4 GBPS,” said Chief Technical Officer John Quaglieri. “Tiscali will improve speeds and reliability for our European customers.”

InterServer, Inc., who currently hosts more than 800 servers at its New Jersey facility, hopes the new carrier will allow the company to continue to grow.

“We have rapidly expanded this year, beginning in February 2005 with the installation of a dark fiber ring to New York City,” said Quaglieri. “We are continuing to add capacity so our network can support the increasing needs of our customers.”

Quaglieri said that the company has also installed a custom developed solution to thwart Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which offers protection for InterServer’s separate IRC network.

The company’s next planned phase of expansion includes PAIX and NYIIX peering, both located in New York City

Fiber Installation From Secaucus NJ to NY Complete

Posted at February 14, 2005 at 3:59 pm by admin

Secaucus, NJ – 02/06/2005 – InterServer, Inc (www.interserver.net) is pleased to announce the completion of a new POP located at 111 8th Ave in New York City. Fiber from our Secaucus, NJ location to 111 8th Ave is now complete. With this new acquisition we will begin rapidly upgrading our network and increasing capacity to meet increasing customer demand. A gig connection to Abovenet is now activated bringing our network capacity to 3 Gbps. 111 8th Ave. will give us access to many tier1 carriers that can be quickly added to sustain our long term growth. InterServer, Inc is a privately help company operating since April 1999. Our location in Secaucus, NJ is less than 12 miles from New York City and Newark NJ giving us close access to many large carrier hotels. The InterServer network is powered by Juniper M40 and M5 series routers connected to the Internet by three diverse fiber paths to New York City and Washington DC. Additional POPs are planned in late 2005 / early 2006 to 165 Halsey in Newark, NJ and 25 Broadway in NY, NY.