When searching the web for “best hosting“, Google returns about 19,40,00,000 results.  You need to know Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hosting Provider. With this plethora of information at your fingertips, you would think that finding the best web hosting provider would be relatively easy and fun. However, there is no guarantee that a hosting provider that proclaims itself as the “best” may even be all that good. Instead of choosing a hosting provider as you would shop for grocery, you first need to understand what goes behind making a good hosting provider. Read More

CloudFlare CDN in cPanel

Posted by Stacey Talieres

WordPress For Complete Beginners

Posted by Manoj Kumar

WordPress 101

Thinking of joining InterServer and building your very first WordPress site? Or do you already own a web hosting package and you are considering shifting over to WordPress? Either way, here is a walk through on how to get WordPress up and running quick and easy!

Once you have successfully purchased a Standard Web Hosting Package and received a welcome email from InterServer you are ready to install WordPress.

Step 1 – Visit your InterServer login page at and reach your cPanel.

Once logging in, you will notice three panels which describe the amount per service you have. Read More