New Plesk Toolkits and Features

Posted at August 7, 2018 at 3:08 pm by Ylber Popaj

Plesk has recently added a few Plesk Toolkits that might have a massive influence on your customer experience. Here is a breakdown on what’s new.

  1. WordPress toolkit
  2. Joomla toolkit
  3. SEO toolkit
  4. Extension catalog

Lets get started!


1. WordPress Toolkit

This toolkit is one of the most outstanding features of them all. First and foremost, it utilizes the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress. Plesk describes it as, “the most complete, secure and versatile toolkit for WordPress.” The most notable CMS feature is its user-friendliness and simplicity; the Plesk WordPress toolkit takes that even further.

The toolkit offers a one-click installer which helps deploy your first WordPress site. Upon installation, you can even stage and test all your creative ideas in a sandbox tool which requires no plugins! This helps make efficient deployment of any new content to your live site. Additionally, there is a built-in security feature that helps protect your website along with a security scanner.

Need more? The toolkit helps make processes like staging, cloning, syncing, updating, migrating, and other high risk tasks easy with one click. If you have multiple WordPress sites, you can even singularity or mass-execute updates across your sites.

If the process seems to be over simplified, the toolkit offers a unique feature that lets you get into the nitty and gritty details for the high level developers out there. You will be able to access WP-CLI, maintenance mode, debug management, search engine index management and more.


2. Joomla toolkit

The Joomla toolkit is similar to the WordPress toolkit. It offers a relaxing feature that allows users to build, secure and run all your Joomla! instances. Just as the WordPress toolkit, there is a one click installer which helps ease the process of initialization and ultimately getting started! Built-in security features and security scanner are all preconfigured and require no security expertise. Lastly, you can update and monitor all of your Joomla! Sites via one single dashboard.


3. SEO toolkit

When it comes to search engine optimization, it may be unclear to many developers as to what exactly needs to be done. What should be focused on? What should be improved? The SEO toolkit becomes your guide to optimization.

It helps improve your search engine ranking by testing, analyzing and monitoring your website and competitors. The included SEO Advisor generates a task list which provides insight on your websites ranking. Also, you can run a Site Audit feature to calculate an Optimization Score based on standard SEO rules and practices. All these tools are very effective when assessing your SEO progress. The toolkit even offers a rank tracker to detect domain popularity in search engines, an awesome tool to monitor your progress. Last but not least, the toolkit offers a defense mechanism that helps track bots! The log file analyzer helps detect any bots that are visiting your site with some extra insight per bot.

Overall, the SEO toolkit is an extremely useful tool that performs a great task. It organizes, studies, and asses your road to SEO success.


4. Extensions Catalog

The extensions offered on Plesk are publicly available independent modules that serve as specific task handlers. On your Plesk panel you can choose to install as many as needed. Via the extensions catalog you can select one that will match your needs. Providing a wide array of features, you can select a specific category or even use the search bar on


Get Started 

We offer Plesk across all of our services. As a part of our Windows or ASP.NET web hosting package, Plesk is automatically included. On our VPS and Dedicated Server options, Plesk can be purchased additionally via the customer portal. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team at [email protected] or by calling our toll-free number; 1-877-NJ-COLO-1.


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  1. Kathleen Cutrell says:

    I am not sure how to use your stuff to make my internet safer? I do not know what all these different options really are? I am not
    a tech person. Your help would be appreciated. I do need the security features.
    Thank you.

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