Self Hosted Website Builders vs. Web Hosting Service Accounts

Posted at July 28, 2014 at 5:56 am by admin

As your Web business grows, you’ll eventually reach a point at which it’s a good idea to switch from a self-hosted site builder to a traditional hosted Web site.

To determine whether you’ve reached this point, you need to recognize the differences between these Web site options:

Quick and Easy Compared to Stable

Self-hosted site builders typically provide you with the fastest, easiest route to a site. They usually do not require any technical knowledge to build (you choose the pre-designed template along with add your word or images), and they are often ready to launch within a day. But these sites can be inflexible and unpredictable. They allow only a fixed number of website pages. They offer a narrow selection of templates and don’t allow you to upload your own pages. Most can’t accommodate the use of complex scripts too.

Whereas, traditional hosting providers like Interserver provide complete flexibility. Create the number of pages you need, upload whatever! It’s up to you.

Scalable and Adaptable 

True Web hosting providers like Interserver lets you build your own Web site, upload pages together with sophisticated functionality, and modify your site in almost endless ways. Hosting companies apportion space over a server (or exclusive by using a dedicated server for major sites) and includes a set amount of data transfer traffic from a computer to the actual host’s server, to help you upload entire internet pages, images, multimedia records, or change present pages. Generally, this flexibility doesn’t come at a cheap price. Expect to spend a monthly payment of $10-$20, depending upon your needs.

But if you are an Interserver customer, you pay just $4. 95 to get a web hosting account!

Consider your Threshold 

Having the future-sense is what makes any business successful. Is your business future-ready? This is the question you need to answer before selecting a self-host website builder. It does not provide you the flexibility to scale up quickly and you will end up losing customers.

A better option is to go for a super saver plan from Interserver and end up having a 10% discount for a year on all our hosting services.

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