Shared Hosting Backups

Posted at January 9, 2017 at 3:00 pm by Stacey Talieres

When searching for a shared web hosting plan, you probably are considering many factors. Will my prices stay the same from month to month? Will I be locked into a contract? How will I be able to manage my websites? With all of these questions front of mind, you more than likely haven’t taken into account how important it is to effectively backup your data? That may be the last thing you are thinking about, but in reality you should be looking into Web-Hosting companies that care about taking backups. We pride ourselves on ensuring weekly backups for our shared web hosting customers. It provides our customers with the flexibility and peace of mind that they need when running a website.

Where Does this Option Exist?

After logging into your page you will be directed to your homepage. This is where you will find any web-hosting package or other services that you may have with us. From here you can quickly go to your web-hosting package and manage it. On our control panel you should notice a button that says “download backups”. With this amazing feature readily available at your disposal you will never have to worry about losing your website as a result of a malfunction or catastrophe.

How it Works

In order to keep to our promise we use an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) called OpenStack, also known as Swift to us. Some of you may be familiar with this service and others may have never heard of it. That’s okay, because we will briefly discuss how important OpenStack is. Imagine yourself within a very large datacenter. In this datacenter to ensure data redundancy, information is stored across many different servers. Let’s just say that if one of these servers were to fail (hopefully never) then data would be copied from the cloud onto multiple servers running this service. Swift allows us the versatility to avoid major disasters. However, be aware that we only can store up to 11GB of your website’s data. If it is larger than that we suggest maintaining your own backups.

The great thing about our weekly backups is they are done automatically. You can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. We keep at least three copies of those backups for at least 60 days. This extended time period allows for an extra layer of redundancy as a precautionary measure. Our main goal is to ensure that we provide all the necessary resources for your business to operate seamlessly.


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