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Digital Marketing Success

Internet marketing has grown tremendously over the last few years. The sheer number of businesses joining the bandwagon of established businesses is a testimony of the enormous income potential of internet ventures. Though innumerable opportunities abound online, it takes more effort and resources to succeed with internet marketing. In the next section, we shall look at some powerful tips that can help you harness the full power of internet marketing to grow your business.

Know Your Niche

Customer knowledge is the most important thing in Internet Marketing success. Market research surveys are one of the best ways to understand the market you are in, the effect you can bring to the market and also understand how happy the customer is with your services. A thorough market analysis takes care of the first part and for the second we take satisfaction surveys generally called CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) or CSAT. A satisfaction survey is done by analyzing the most important things that your customer expects from your company compared to that of your closest competitor.

The parameters are set by a small sample out of the population survey (say 10 people) and the next steps involve the rating done by the entire sample population. The CSAT score is one of the key parameters through which your business can be improved. Also, a CSAT score can give you the knowledge about what you are doing right or wrong with your Internet Marketing strategy. It can be as simple as a question like “Where did you come to know about our company?”

Identify your goals

If from the survey you find out that hardly few know about your business then your goal obviously should be to spread the word like wildfire! Before you start creating your marketing plan, it is vital to know the reason why you need the data. There should be a specific question in mind before you proceed with the process. This enables you to set the key performance indicators (KPIs). IF you know your KPI’s, then it becomes easy to stitch a marketing plan around it.

Develop Your Marketing Plan

Will it be a mix of SEO and SEM or predominantly Social Media? A perfect combination is required to build the “perfect” marketing plan. You should know what will work for you and, the understanding of the industry and the customers will help you get there.

The marketing plan should also be a mirror of the brand image that you would like to portray. Are you going in with a hipster appeal or like a gentleman? Your identity will reflect in your sales.

Implement and plot data

Data gathering is a key requirement in understanding whether you plan worked or not. After implementing the marketing plan, your key responsibility should be to closely monitor the progress and the final results. The results will give you an inside view as to why your plan worked or didn’t work. Either way, you learn.


Numerous plans fail. It’s common. Even the well-crafted plans fail some time. So do you sulk about the results and close down your marketing team or, do you do something about it. If it’s the first one that hits your mind as a probable solution then, there is no use going forward with this article.

Every result is a pathway to improve something that’s being done. At least you did something. That’s a start. If you find out that Social media didn’t work for your brand then analyze why it didn’t work. If the customer analysis showed that Social media did work then, it’s a fault with something you are doing. Change the strategy. Be Agile.


Everything has a price attached to it. Success too is not a one night thing. If something is working for you then do it again. Even it’s not giving you conversion or ROI instantly, its doing something for you that is far more important in the initial stages of a business, “Putting the Word Out”.

Internet marketing is not rocket science. It’s a thing that will work if you know the basics of it and have the courage to implement what you “see and feel”, the courage to understand that “You can fail” and the courage to accept “Success without going into the flight mode”.

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