Teaching Kids To Be Techy!

Posted at September 10, 2015 at 12:55 am by Stacey Talieres

Interserver – Celebrate the Children and Green Vision Inc.

At Interserver we work under the mindset that giving back is what it’s all about. Each quarter we donate all of our old hardware to Celebrate the Children in Denville, N.J. which is a school for children with alternative learning styles.

Our old equipment is used to help students work with their hands while developing a new skill sets through a different set of activities. The students take their time learning how dismantle all the different types of hardware ranging from servers, motherboards, cpu’s, and various other types of networking equipment.

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After they have successfully completed this time consuming task, Celebrate the Children separates the hardware and recycles it locally and efficiently. The proceeds generated from the recycling center are 100% donated and go right back into Celebrate the Children who uses these funds to ensure that the students who rely upon this educational program will continue to have this instrumental foundation.

This year we donated approximately $50,000 in hardware to Celebrate The Children with a goal of $100,000 set for 2016!​

-Team Interserver​


Celebrate the Children School and Green Vision Inc. have partnered to offer this exclusive Morris County Private School Program. As we begin this partnership, students will have the opportunity to rotate through the 6 week basic and intermediary training program in the electronics recycling field at CTC’s on-site Green Vision Program. This program adds to CTC’s ever expanding Transition Program and affords our students yet another opportunity to expand their job skills repertoire and experience; while having a direct impact on our global environment.

Green Vision Mission Statement

“Dismantling the stigmas of developmental disabilities”


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