Time to Upgrade?

Posted at November 10, 2017 at 1:30 pm by Stacey Talieres

Our Standard Shared Hosting plan, while it offers endless features to service a website, might be insufficient in effort to expanding your successful and growing business. Fortunately, InterServer offers a perfect upgrade system for your expansion. First, lets answer a few common questions:

How do I know when I should upgrade?

If any of the following topics may relate to your circumstances, then it may be time to upgrade!

  • Increased Traffic
    1. i) The more traffic a site has the more stress its performance takes. In other words, as traffic increases, performance decreases!
  • Administrative access to server
    1. i) With a VPS or Dedicated Server you have FULL control over your server.
  • Dedicated IP’s
    1. i) By having a dedicated IP you are adding more security and protection from abusive customers. In addition, you are establishing your own identity as a business.
  • Customization
    1. i) By upgrading to a VPS you have plenty of options to suit your needs. Here are examples how you can navigate through the many different CPU cores and memory.
    2. ii) Link : https://www.interserver.net/vps/

This awesome scroll navigation bar allows you to adjust a VPS to your specific requirements. Note: Planning ahead is important and it is highly recommended to avoid purchasing a build you plan to max out. In addition, at 4 ‘slices’ as selected in the image above, InterServer offers a Fully Managed service where we would be glad to assist on any technicalities with the server. With a fully managed vps, something as simple as installing an application for you can easily be done through an on-site call or our ticket system.

  • Planning Ahead
    1. i) By upgrading to a high tier VPS or dedicated server you allow yourself to enjoy the comfort of not having to worry about maximizing your resources. This is why planning ahead is crucial. As business grows, you will have the time to upgrade accordingly.

How much will this cost?

  • A solid build recommended by InterServer for a growing website/business would be a 4 slice Linux VPS, with cPanel. Price per month : $ 34.00.


cPanel allows for the management of your VPS with easy to navigate options. 

Navigating through our navigation bar will not only allow you to choose something suitable for specifications, but also pricing! You can begin with a $ 6 / month VPS with one slice and no control panel just to get a taste of what the next step is.

How long does it take to upgrade?

If you already have an account with InterServer here are the steps on upgrading!

  • Login to my.interserver.net
  • Click on support tab on the top right of the page.

  • Click on ‘Open New Ticket’ tab

  • Select the necessary product that you would like to upgrade.
  • On the ‘Detailed Description Of The Issue’ option, please provide the specifications that you would like to upgrade to. If you have any questions or uncertainties in regards to what you should be upgrading to, please ask! Our team is always willing to assist.
  • Kindly wait for a representative to respond and get you upgraded within 1-3 hours!

If you have an existing VPS with InterServer, you can follow the same steps as above to increase the number of slices at any time.

Ultimately, the goal is to allocate enough resources wisely to have your business or personal agenda uninterrupted and well underway to success!




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