Top 10 Features for InterServer customers

Posted at August 24, 2021 at 6:43 am by Michael Lavrik

Here at Interserver, we started our journey 22 years ago with the dream of giving the best quality servers and services at a low cost so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of great hosting solutions. For 22 years Interserver has maintained our promise and we are now at the top of the web hosting business in the world. We are the most customer-friendly and reliable web hosting company you will find anywhere.

There are some unique features that differentiate Interserver from other web hosting companies. Those features are also very popular among our customers. If you are considering InterServer for all of your hosting needs, you will want to look closely at the following 10 features that really help to set us apart.

1. Low Price:  Interserver offers the lowest-priced plans in the market. Our entry-level plans start at $2.50 with high-quality shared hosting.

2. Price Lock Guarantee: Interserver does not surprise customers with huge price increases when it comes to renew like other hosting companies. The price you signed up for is the price you pay during renewal.

3. All-Inclusive Plan:  Every plan we have to offer comes with everything you will need to run your website smoothly. This includes access to a great hosting platform, plenty of disk space and other system resources, and of course, a very fast network. Whether you are starting a small personal blog or a large corporate website, we have everything you will need.

4. High Performance: Every one of our plans offers exceptional performance based on the needs of your website. This helps to ensure every visitor to any site hosted at InterServer will be impressed with the site’s response times.

5. Free Security Tools: Interserver has Intershield security, which blocks web attacks, scans for viruses, and much more. In addition, this security system comes with a free machine learning firewall and an in-house malware database.

6. Great Infrastructure:  Interserver takes its infrastructure seriously and we also take advantage of server-side caching and Cloudflare integration to further optimize the performance of your website.

7. Cloud App- Interserver offers 466 cloud apps available with 1-click installs.

8. Keep Updated: Cloud-based functions are automatically updated to ensure your site is able to take advantage of the latest features and security patches.

9. Quick BackUp:  Interserver has the fastest backup system. There is an auto-recovery feature if any disaster occurs.

10. Customer Support:  Here at InterServer we take customer support seriously. Our team is staffed 24/7 to provide you with real-time support on any issues you may be facing.

All of these important features have made InterServer unique and special in this competitive industry. Of course, these are just 10 of the biggest reasons why our customers love doing business with us. There are countless other advantages that we work hard to provide for every one of our customers. On top of that, we also love helping to protect the environment through our eco-friendly business plan, which has helped us to reduce our overall carbon footprint without ever sacrificing quality services for our customers. If you need excellent web hosting at a great price, InterServer is here for you.

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