Ways to Reduce the Bounce Rate on Your Website

Posted at November 29, 2015 at 4:00 pm by Stacey Talieres

Ways-to-Reduce-the-Bounce-Rate-on-Your-WebsiteImagine an upscale shop with all the latest designer wear, swanky accessories, and fancy outlet. Now,  you would envision people flocking to the store and the queue to be as long as a mile. But sadly for the  owners, people come to the store, browse around and just leave in a few minutes. Now, imagine this in an online setting. You have the best website with amazing design and superior content. People come to your website but leave quickly. This is what is called as ‘Bounce rate’. According to Google Analytics, “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).” It is the percentage of traffic to your website, where visitors come to your website and leave early without any form of engagement. They do not click, don’t read, and don’t interact in any way. These are the online versions of people who land in your shop, just walk around and quickly walk away thinking, “No…Nope…Nopes”. Well who wants such
kind of visitors? We all want our audience to hang out, keep them engaged and send them through the next step down our sales funnel. But how do you keep your visitors stay put on your website? Fret not! The solution is here. Read on to know the most common culprits of increased bounce rates and ways to tackle them:

Slow web page

“Ain’t no one got time for that” This popular meme phrase is so apt when it comes to slow web pages. With the decreasing attention span of visitors, a slow load page is a sure-shot recipe for increased bounce rate. There are various software available where the load time could be checked. Keep the load time to under two seconds by adding small sized images, reducing slides, effects and custom fonts and by using a reliable and good web hosting provider.

Auto play Videos and Advertisements

If auto-play vidoes or hordes of advertisement pops up once a visitor enters your website, they would be out of your website before you could say Jack Robinson. These kinds of ads may bring you pretty penny but are detrimental in long run. If you need to put ads on your website, ensure that the ads are not intrusive and are relevant to your audience. Get rid of the auto-play videos, they are annoying and doesn’t help you or your visitor. Auto-playing videos without the consent of the users is not good for the usability and would guarantee an increase in the bounce rate.

Poor Grammar

We all may not be Grammar geniuses but no one likes to read web pages littered with spelling errors and simple grammatical mistakes. Get your website’s content error proof to keep the bounce rate low.

Providing Unrelated Links

A visitor clicks on your link through search engine and comes to your landing page only to find out that whatever content s/he was looking for is nowhere to be seen. If the headline and links don’t take the visitor to the relevant content, your website would come off as unreliable. Never provide misleading links.

Not skimmable content

Your Grammar is perfect, you have proof-read your content few times, your content is relevant for your audience and you are still facing high bounce. The issue may be that your content is just placed like a novel and is not skimmable. Understand that your audience doesn’t have time to go through your content. Add bullets, headlines and subdivisions and highlight the major points so that your visitors can easily read the content and understand the points.

Hard to read fonts

You may think that a certain custom font makes your website look aesthetic but if your landing page is not readable, you would certainly battle high bounce rate. Use an easily readable font in colours which are not difficult to read. If your content is not readable in the first glance, you may need to change the font or the colour. Legibility is of prime importance if you want to keep the bounce rate low.

Apart from these tips, ensure that your website looks appealing and convey a sense of credibility and safety. Nothing upsets a visitor more than a website which screams ‘scam’ with their design and content. Also, have a clear ‘call to action’ button on all your landing pages. Keep your form small as nobody likes to fill long forms. Ensure that your website is responsive.

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