Why WordPress Is the Best Choice for Non-Technical Business Professionals

Posted at January 26, 2016 at 8:04 pm by Stacey Talieres

Why-WordPress-Is-the-Best-Choice-for-Non-Technical-Business-OwnersCascade Style Sheets… server side scripting… security audits… code revision, are these tech terms going right above your head? Does it kind of feel as though your playing Pictionary with your tech team and the picture they’re drawing is being interpreted completely different then originally intended, which ultimately continues until one of you calls it quits?  Does the excessive cost of your web developer keep you up at night? After this long up hill battle you finally conclude that the only way to possibly execute your idea is to learn how to code yourself. Well there happens to be great news it’s called WordPress which essentially is a one stop shop and the best part is you don’t need a degree in programming to use it.  The reason WordPress is so successful is because even with a general understanding of websites and internet related topics you can easily navigate through WordPress and manage  your entire website. Launched in 2003, WordPress has gone on to become one of the most popular platforms for creating and hosting websites. Used by hundreds and thousands of users ranging from, techies, bloggers, to E-commerce businesses WordPress surpasses most other platforms when it comes to building outstanding websites in a matter of no time. Please read on to learn why WordPress is one of the best choices for a wide range of businesses looking to develop a customized website.

User-friendly Backend

The technical term “Backend” may sound a bit overwhelming to someone who is not extremely tech savvy.  However just to reiterate how user friendly WordPress is their backend and content management system is so easy and streamlined it can be installed and customized easily. Essentially if you are familiar with Microsoft Office then WordPress will be right up your alley.

Easy to Learn

The WordPress interface is relatively easy to use. It’s lay out is that of a simple road map which essentially will guide you step by step. The other part is that all the themes or plugins are easy to customize and easy to install with minimal technical knowledge required.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress comes with over a million themes with both free and paid versions readily available. You can select the theme of your choice based upon your business without worrying about coding. With a variety of themes available, you can add in extra features through selecting any of the thousands of plugins available which can be easily implemented into your website. From an online store, SEO, Social Media, payment gateway with no limitations.

Cost Effective and Time Saving

WordPress is an open source project which attracts many because it is extremely cost effective and even with a minimal budget the outcome of your website will not be compromised.  Another key perk is that you can select free themes get them installed quickly and be fully up and running in a matter of no time.

Easy to manage and modify

With an easy to use backend you can edit content, images or make design modifications with ease. It also allows for multiple user accessibility so you can provide access to additional contributors who can easily log in and make their necessary contributions.

Easy Error Fixing

With a ton of support available from the WordPress community, any error you potentially come across, there is a great chance that others have come across that same exact issue. Therefore they should be able to provide you with the proper guidance on how to navigate through that error.

Thriving community

WordPress has a huge community with a loyal and active following so as questions arise, you can always turn to them to seek help! In addition to online forums there are local WordPress Meetups hosted by active members in local areas across the world. If you visit WordPress.org you can locate the nearest Meetup and join in to learn more about what fellow users are learning.  (Best part is that these Meetups are free.)

SEO Optimized

WordPress is SEO optimized and you can easily download an SEO plugin to make your website rank high within specified search results.

WordPress is a fantastic solution for non-technical business professionals as it can help bring several ideas to life on the web, which otherwise would require a technical team of resources. But just like plants need the right kind of environment to thrive, WordPress also needs a good hosting environment. If you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting provider, Interserver is a great option. With a mere $7.99/month, you can benefit from unlimited storage, unlimited transfer and unlimited email with a daily backup of accounts for added security. You also benefit from the most advanced web based firewallAtomic mod_security ruleset for increased site protection from hackers. For added security, Interserver’s managed WordPress hosting isolates each account from one another, permitting one WordPress install per account.

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