WordPress For Complete Beginners

Posted at August 30, 2019 at 8:58 pm by Manoj Kumar

WordPress 101

Thinking of joining InterServer and building your very first WordPress site? Or do you already own a web hosting package and you are considering shifting over to WordPress? Either way, here is a walk through on how to get WordPress up and running quick and easy!

Once you have successfully purchased a Standard Web Hosting Package and received a welcome email from InterServer you are ready to install WordPress.

Step 1 – Visit your InterServer login page at my.interserver.net and reach your cPanel.

Once logging in, you will notice three panels which describe the amount per service you have. In this case, the customer owns a Virtual Private Server and a Web Hosting Package.

Proceed to click on the web hosting package to bring you to the following page:

Click the small ‘View Web Hosting’ icon that the arrow points to in the picture above.

Finally, click on the following icon

Now we have reached the control panel of your web hosting package! Here you can navigate through your files, add-on domains, SQL data, etc, and even install WordPress.

Step 2 – Install WordPress

In your cPanel landing page you should find an app installer panel that includes WordPress like below:

Lastly, we reach the setup page.

The most important questions in setting up your WordPress are presented here.

 Two of the most essential are choosing the right domain and directory.

The domain that you input is the domain that you would like your WordPress site associated with. While rather obvious, it is still very important to not make any mistakes here.

 The next option, ‘In Directory’ is also extremely important. The directory is where the entire website’s files will be stored in your cPanel file manager. It is important that you make note of the directory to prevent confusion.

Finally, you input username and password, choose a theme (not permanent-you may change this at a latter time), and submit!

Congrats! You have created your very first WordPress site through InterServer!

To access your WordPress site you can find your link after clicking the WordPress icon in cPanel. It looks like the following:

Under the link is presented domain along with a /wp. To access the admin account and make changes to your WordPress, simply add –



 Click the icon under the label ‘Admin’.

We hope you continue to explore the great features of WordPress and if you hit any bumps on the road, InterServer customer support team is always there to assist at [email protected]

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