How to Write Perfect Comments that can Drive traffic!

Posted at September 26, 2019 at 1:47 pm by Stacey Talieres


Any one who runs a website understands the struggles associated with generating traffic to their site.  In order to capture your targeted audience, you should try to captivate bloggers who come across your website. There are various ways to boost traffic to your new blog. Of course, not all comments will generate the traffic that you may desire.

1 . Comment on Popular Blogs

In order to generate traffic from your comments, I would suggest commenting on a variety of popular blogs.  Blogs of this nature can receive many comments within a short span of time upon being published. Constantly keep tabs on targeted blogs for any updates. Additionally, when popular blogs post new articles, it’s crucial to comment as quickly as possible.

2. Write Detailed Comments

Posting generic comments that are similar to others won’t necessarily direct traffic to your blog. Try to captivate your targeted audience by writing comments that are specific and detailed to the article. If you create a comment that does not relate to the article, then consider this to a missed opportunity to establish your credibility. Readers will not waste their time with comments that are not applicable.

3. Write Comments Like an Expert

This is your opportunity to demonstrate sufficient knowledge about the topic being discussed in the article.  When bloggers believe that you are an expert on any given topic, this can directly result in traffic to your blog. If executed correctly, a single comment can drive hundreds of readers to your blog based upon the perception of your expertise.


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