Plesk Control Panel

$14.00 /Per Month!*

An Ideal Way to Super Charge Your Site(s)

Empower your Windows-based accounts and servers with the most trusted Plesk control panel. You can give it a try to easily manage your accounts, including applications and files seamlessly without any hassle. Apart from the affordable pricing structure, we can give you multiple reasons to choose our Plesk control panel. Additionally, you can seamlessly use Plesk control panel on your virtual machine and dedicated servers. Scroll down to know more.


Plesk Control Panel
Prices and Editions





Service Provider Management      
Reseller Management
Subscription Management
Account Management
User Interface      
Power User View (Server + Site Admin)
Custom View Management (Server + Site Admin)
User Features      
WordPress Toolkit Limited
Developer Pack (PgSQL, MSSQL, Tomcat, ColdFusion)
Plesk Mobile Manager (iPhone and Android Devices)
Security Features      
Security Core* with ModSecurity Rules by Atomicrop
ServerShieldTM by Cloudflare
Outbound antispam
Email antivirus add-on add-on add-on
Virtual Machine $14 $21 $32
Dedicated Server $14 $21 $52
Domains and Use Case 10 Domains 30 Domains Unlimited Domains
*The Security Core with ModSecurity in only supported on the Linux OS at this time. Support for the Windows OS will be added when ModSecurity is officially supported on IIS by the ModSecurity developers.

Why Us?

InterServer is a big name when it comes to hosting service. We are known for offering a wide range of hosting solutions like web hosting, cloud VPS, servers, and much more at highly affordable prices. That�s not it, we are offering some additional services that you can explore on our home page. As far you�ve landed here to buy Plesk Control Panel you will be glad to know we don�t restrict you, unlike other services where they put heavy restrictions and charge you extra in the name of additional features. When you purchase a Plesk control panel from us you will get full access, just do your things without worrying about something.


Quick Glimpse On Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a powerful control panel that let the server administrator to do lots of things without any trouble like creating reseller accounts, set up new sites, create multiple email accounts, add DNS enters and much more.

support applications


Quick Benefits of
Plesk Control Panel


Centralized Control Panel

One of the biggest advantages of Plesk is a centralized control panel. No matter how many sites you have you can manage many advanced things like monitor performance, manage updates, and onboard new prospects right from the single dashboard.

Top-Notch Security

Plesk control panel will not let you down when it comes to security. It offers a high level of security at all levels. From OS to network to apps everything is secured with robust security that is impossible to breach.


Add More Power

The base Plesk control panel is enough powerful to fulfill all of your requirements but if you want to add more power then you can seamlessly do it with 100+ extension that you can easily integrate and use them.

WordPress Toolkit

Love WordPress? Well, you don�t need to switch to cPanel for that as it gives you complete freedom in terms of WordPress toolkit that features AI-powered staging environment, regression testing, and much more.


Super Compatible

You will feel proud to know that the Plesk control panel is the only hosting platform or WebOps that is compatible with all major platforms like Google, Azure, AWS, Alibaba, DigitalOcean, etc. Moreover, it comes with hyper-scale options.

Fully Customizable

When you want to get most from your Plesk control panel nothing can stop you. You will get full root access via SSH. You are free to install any open-source, 3rd party, or even customized apps without any hassle.