AMD RYZEN 7950X3D Dedicated Servers

Highly Efficient for Parallel Processing: The AMD Ryzen 7950x3D stands as an excellent choice for server workloads that demand parallel processing capabilities. With its impressive core and thread count, it empowers your server to tackle tasks efficiently and swiftly. Exceptional Value for Your Investment: AMD processors have a well-deserved reputation for providing outstanding value for money in comparison to their Intel counterparts. This holds particularly true when assessing the price-to-performance ratio. Your Ideal Dedicated Server Companion: If you're seeking a dedicated server solution, the AMD Ryzen 7950x3D emerges as a strong candidate. Its robust core and thread count cater to workloads that thrive on parallelism, and its favorable price-performance ratio ensures you're making a cost-effective choice.

Number of cores


Number of CPUs



4.7 Ghz

4 0 / 4 2
Name Price Select Quantity
2TB SSD $8.00 0
2TB NVMe $8.00 0
4TB SSD $25.00 0
4TB NVMe $25.00 0
20TB SATA $40.00 0

Memory 128GB
Hard Drives 2TB SSD
Bandwidth 1GBPS Unmetered
IP 1 Vlan Ip (/30)
OS No OS (IPMI Install)

Monthly Price