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Recognized, trusted, reliable, secure, credible, and authentic.

Why .COM

Originally derived from ‘commercial’, .COM was one of the first top-level domains in the Internet used when the Domain Name System was implemented in 1985. Since then, it has grown to become the largest top-level domain, with over 88 million .COM domains registered. .COM domains are registered in more than 350 languages worldwide, and are globally recognized. The .COM registry is operated by VeriSign.


  • Two out of three .COM domain available checks are successful
  • 36 million times a day, a .COM domain availability check is successful
  • 108 million previously registered .COM domain names are once again available
  • There are still millions upon millions of .COM domain names available

Who it's for

  • Individuals or companies looking for a globally recognized extension

Take the next step in growing your business. Join the millions of businesses that have found success on a .com

  • .com means business. .com is the standard for doing business online.  Give your business the recognition that comes along with a .com to help connect with new customers and partners.
  • .com means credibility. Your name says a lot about your business so why associate it with a less credible domain?   Customers know .com, and that’s why every Fortune 500 company and the world’s 100 fastest-growing companies have a .com.  Align yourself with the domain more businesses rely on to grow online.
  • .com means confidence. Every business can benefit from an online identity customers know and trust. Thanks to over 15 years of reliability, security and availability, .com enables you and your customers to confidently connect online

Information and domain specifics for this TLD

Basic Info
TLD .com
Registry Verisign
TLD Type Generic
Country -
Reg levels offered
Technical provider Verisign
Local Presence Requirements
Additional information
Renew/Let Expire setting -
Transfers -
Whois Privacy available
Domain locking available
IDNs available afr, alb, ara, arg, arm, asm, ast, ave, awa, aze, bak, bal, ban, baq, bas, bel, ben, bho, bos, bul, bur, car, cat, che, chi, chv, cop, cos, cze, dan, div, doi, dut, eng, est, fao, fij, fin, fre, fry, geo, ger, gla, gle, gon, gre, guj, heb, hin, hun, ice, inc, ind, inh, ita, jav, jpn, kas, kaz, khm, kir, kor, kur, lao, lav, lit, ltz, mac, mal, mao, may, mlt, mol, mon, nep, no, nor, ori, oss, pan, per, pol, por, pus, raj, rum, rus, san, scc, scr, sin, slo, slv, smo, snd, som, spa, srd, swa, swe, syr, tam, tel, tgk, tha, tib, tur, ukr, urd, uzb, vie, wel, yid
Registry premiums allowed
Applicable registry premium group
TLD policies -
Registration Information
Name length 3 to 63
Term 1 to 10
DNS requirements 2 to 13
Auto-renew by default
Auto renew date 30
Explicit renewal
Grace period 40
Redemption period 30
Authcode required
Available in Test environment
Free Technical Support
New Registration

$11.00 *

Renewal Cost

$11.00 *

Transfer Cost

$11.00 *

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