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Most definitive identity of the global hosting community.


This extension provides its owners a short & memorable name that instantly identifies you as a part of your online community. In addition, it helps improve SEO rankings, reduce heavy dependence on advertising and search marketing, and it signifies that you are a part of the global hosting community.

Who┬áit’s for

  • Businesses that are involved within the internet/hosting industry
  • Individuals who want to speak loud and clear about their specialization

Who is .HOST for?

Market Segment

Use Case

Hosting Companies, Datacenters

Rebrand to,

News, Media, Community Sites

Web Hosting Info – Web Hosting Industry Review –

Leading Hosts in Specific Categories,,,,

Corporates associated with the Hosting Industry

Get a dedicated address for this segment,,,

What can you use a .HOST for?

Several large companies in the hosting community have welcomed .host with open arms. Why go for a .com/.net when there is a dedicated TLD for your industry!  Here are some innovative ways to use a .host:

Product Launches:

Marketing :

Email Addresses:

Name Servers:

Information and domain specifics for this TLD

Basic Info
TLD .host
TLD Type Generic
Country -
Reg levels offered
Technical provider CentralNic
Local Presence Requirements
Additional information
Renew/Let Expire setting -
Transfers -
Whois Privacy available
Domain locking available
IDNs available
Registry premiums allowed
Applicable registry premium group 3
TLD policies -
Registration Information
Name length 3 to 63
Term 1 to 10
DNS requirements 2 to 13
Auto-renew by default
Auto renew date 30
Explicit renewal
Grace period 40
Redemption period 30
Authcode required
Available in Test environment
Free Technical Support
New Registration

$7.00 *

Renewal Cost

$7.00 *

Transfer Cost

$7.00 *

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