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.nl Domains

Information and domain specifics for this TLD

Basic Info
TLD .nl
Registry SIDN
TLD Type Geo
Country Netherlands
Reg levels offered
Technical provider SIDN
Local Presence Requirements
Additional information If manually renewed, send renewal request at least 2 days in advance. Domain expires loosely around the expiration date
Renew/Let Expire setting -
Transfers New term
Whois Privacy available
Domain locking available
IDNs available
Registry premiums allowed
Applicable registry premium group
TLD policies .nl policies
Registration Information
Name length 2 to 63
Term 1
DNS requirements 2 to 13
Auto-renew by default
Auto renew date 30
Explicit renewal
Grace period
Redemption period 45
Authcode required
Available in Test environment
Free Technical Support
New Registration

$11.00 *

Renewal Cost

$11.00 *

Transfer Cost

$11.00 *

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