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The first “true” alternative to the traditional domain extensions.


The word “website” is a globally, recognized term that could be understood in several languages. It is a meaningful, self-explanatory, clear and concise extension, that makes it a valuable choice when choosing a domain name. Today, good, brandable names are very limited and as a result, customers end up having to settle for long and complex domain names that are hard to remember and search for. Thanks to .WEBSITE, all users will have a chance to get a first-choice, rich and high-quality domain names that is synonymous with the essence of the internet, a .WEBSITE.

Who it’s for

  • Existing online users that have long and confusing domain names in existing gTLDs
  • New users getting online that are looking to get an identity on the web

The perfect choice for anyone to get online with a rich & memorable domain name that is synonymous with the internet and is recognized globally.

.website: Truly generic. Infinite Potential.




.website is the first true generic domain to be launched in the new era of the internet. It is the perfect opportunity for individuals to find first choice, rich and memorable domain names that are recognized globally.

In current generic domains, close to 65% of all availability checks fail for a customer’s first choice of domain name. With the exhaustion of good, brandable domain names in these domains, customers end up having to settle for long and complex domain names that are hard to remember and search for. Websites with such complex domain names often end up being lost in the maze of the internet and are rendered meaningless!

Not so with .website!


With .website domain names, customers from around the world will have the opportunity to grab a piece of great internet real estate that is easy to search for and remember, leading to better branding, differentiation and higher recall value.


About Radix: Radix is an active participant in ICANN's process to expand the internet naming system. Radix has applied for 20 new, top level domains and is Asia's largest new gTLD applicant. Click here to know more.


Examples of .website domains:,,,, etc.

Information and domain specifics for this TLD

Basic Info
TLD .website
Registry Radix
TLD Type Generic
Country -
Reg levels offered
Technical provider CentralNic
Local Presence Requirements
Additional information
Renew/Let Expire setting -
Transfers -
Whois Privacy available
Domain locking available
IDNs available
Registry premiums allowed
Applicable registry premium group 3
TLD policies -
Registration Information
Name length 3 to 63
Term 1 to 10
DNS requirements 2 to 13
Auto-renew by default
Auto renew date 30
Explicit renewal
Grace period 40
Redemption period 30
Authcode required
Available in Test environment
Free Technical Support
New Registration

$5.00 *

Renewal Cost

$16.80 *

Transfer Cost

$16.80 *

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