About domain names


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I have a site housed at Arvixe (since before they sold their soul to EIG) and got my domain name through them at signup time. So, when moving to Interserver, I think I understand that $1.99 per year is the charge for you to transfer and manage it. Does that mean just pointing the nameservers to you or is it actually moved to a different registrar? Your own? I obviously don't know how all of this works. What about privacy? My other domain name is at GoDaddy, so I assume your answers will apply there also. Will bill to renew automatically include the domain charge?


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Hi Ellen,

You can change just the dns servers at no charge leaving the domain where it is.

The $1.99 offer is a transfer of the registration from your current registrar to interserver. It also adds 1 year. It does not change ownership of the domain - you still own it.

Whois privacy is possible but runs at $3 / year.