Adding Slices to Existing VPS


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Having gone through a terrible time fighting with Virpus, I gave up because their server wouldn't boot at all for 12+ hours.

Then I came to know about You have a lot of positive reviews around the internet. Everyone seems to be happy with I tried your service and I have become your fan too.

My server is very slow. Slow because I am running on 1 slice. The bottleneck seems to be the processor. So, I would want to upgrade ASAP.

But before doing that, I have a couple of questions:

1. Can I add 3 more slices to an existing VPS of 1 slice without any downtime?
2. Does adding a new slice means getting an additional virtual processor?

Thank you in advance.
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First contact support to check your current vps. Some simple optimizations may be possible to increase the speed.

KVM VPS: these can upgrade with a single reboot, but can not currently downgrade. So yes there is downtime on an upgrdae.

Openvz vps: can both upgrade or downgrade with out a reboot.