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Intershield is currently offered on Linux Shared hosting and Wordpress managed hosting. It is not offered on Windows hosting at this time.

For VPS or dedicated servers please contact support.

InterShield offers a advanced malware protection system for websites on top of email spam protection for both incoming and outgoing email. Accounts with InterShield now have the following:
  • Web Application firewall with out a slowdown. Using the event driven LiteSpeed webserver InterServer offers protection against common website exploits, spam comments and other bad neighborhoods protecting your site with out a slowdown processing the application rules. InterServer constantly updates and tweaks web application protection to protect from new attacks.
  • Information sharing to block known attackers. By leveraging InterServer's many servers and sharing information between them we build a database of known malicious ip addresses that all servers block. The list is careful to exclude good ips including bots like googlebot.
  • Upload scanning with virus protection. File uploads and data in POST requests are scanned for malware and blocked if known known strings are called.
  • Live malware scanning for websites. As your site gets traffic Intershield scans your site for malware like php malware. If any malware is detected we'll email you and InterServer admins will be notified.
  • Recovering from malware - replacement of files with their good versions on popular installs like wordpress.
  • The most comprehensive website malware database. Virus scanners like clamav fail to detect much of the common malware your website will face. InterServer has built the most comprehensive database of malware which updates daily with suspected malware all manually reviewed by InterServer sys admins.
  • Email blacklist avoidance for outbound mail through InterServer's email delivery guarantee.

Example Usage:

1) A request from an IP address comes in with php malware in a post request. This unknown IP is automatically looking for a known exploits in a wordpress plugin that is no longer maintained. The post data is scanned automatically through Intershield. Known malware and strings are automatically blocked to keep your site safe. Should this IP be detected on multiple servers, it is automatically added to a block list for a period of time protecting all other InterServer servers.

2) A site has had malware added through an unknown exploit and runs a commonly installed script. Intershield later identifies this new attack, and automatically detects the compromised file and replaces and removes the malware. You are notified when the malware is detected.
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