another DNS advanced server question

hello -

i have yet to see this option (see previous post) but i was wondering if we can use "DNS rebranding" or "vanity DNS" using this new option.

in other words, lets say i am particularly vain and i want my server names to show up under a whois search, something like:

will this be an option with the new DNS advanced server ?


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If went was registered under, ns2 and ns3

This can work. You just need to make sure in the advanced second the NS records in the zone file, and soa, are replaced from cdns1-3 to the
this can be really handy to have when you have a domain name registered someplace that makes it a little difficult to change DNS settings (like godaddy), or if you have lots of domain names and want to be able to change all of them at once.

maybe this needs a special instruction writeup?